N7: Platinum Mass Effect 2 (Week 1)

As soon as I Platinumed Mass Effect 1 on June 21st, I ejected the game disc from my PlayStation 3 and inserted my copy of Mass Effect 2. Rolling this trophy quest right along, eh! And, DAMN!! I forgot how freaking badass ME2’s opening is. Wow…

It took me a while to adjust to the combat system changes (especially after having just completed 4 consecutive playthroughs of ME1). For one, the new need for ammo in the form of a cooling clip mechanic was a big change. Cover is also infinitely more important than it was in the first game. Even playing ME2 on Casual difficulty, my Shepard gets shredded if I stay out in the open for too long. Oh and a global power cooldown was another change that was challenging to adjust to.

Anyway, here’s how Week 1 of my latest Platinum quest went down! I’m a little behind on these progress posts but I’m going to try to catch up. Babbling about Mass Effect is what Livid Lightning is all about these days!

WARNING: Lots of !!!SPOILERS!!! below. Stop reading and scrolling if you don’t want the Mass Effect trilogy ruined for you. You have been warned.

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