Dragon Age Origins (Ultimate Edition) ⚡Review

Dragon Age Origins Review 1

Platform Played On: PC
Developer: BioWare
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Action RPG
Release Date: November 3, 2009

Wannabe Writer’s Note: This is the re-posting of the Dragon Age Origins Review I wrote on my old website. This article was originally posted on December 29, 2017. Enjoy past me’s unedited ramblings!

O Dragon Age Origins, why have I waited so long to play thee? I picked up the Ultimate Edition of this glorious RPG early this year. An edition that includes all the DLC plus the Awakening expansion for just $7 CDN?! Yass, please!! I got around to actually playing it in July, and then finally finishing it in November. My only previous BioWare experience had been with Dragon Age II, a game I enjoyed a lot. So why did it take me so long to play the original? I guess I just got distracted by the mountain of other games I want to play, and this series sort of fell off my radar. Then the wise Athena over at AmbiGaming appeared, as if sent by the elven Creators themselves. By constantly reminding me just how awesome this game series is, I guess she wore me down. I’m making my BioWare backlog a priority now, so a huge THANK YOU to my good friend Athena!

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Path of the Grey Warden 4: The Brutally Betrayed Bard

Wannabe Writer’s Note: This is the re-posting of the Dragon Age Origins babblethrough series I did on my old website. This article was originally posted on October 15, 2017. Enjoy past me’s unedited ramblings! Oh and I have extra reasons to hate Marjolaine now…

After conquering Dragon Age Origin’s bittersweet main campaign, it’s time for me to dive into the DLC content. I scored the Ultimate Edition from Steam with everything, including Awakenings, for $7 CDN. What a steal, eh? I decided Leliana’s Song would be the first-next place to go.

Brutally Betrayed Bard 1
And wow, she’s more of a badass than I thought.

Leliana was Grey Warden Ellen’s BFF in the main campaign. You find her as a seemingly innocent Chantry Sister in Lothering near the start of the game, though it’s quite obvious she has a dark past (her adept murdering skillz kinda give her away). She seemed like an annoying religious fanatic to me at first, but her benevolent personality quickly shone through. She follows the Chantry and its deity, the Maker, but she’s more than willing to bend the more questionable teachings for the good of others.

Leliana told me a lot about her shaky history during many of our camp chats (along with very entertaining stories). However, it’s one thing to hear a story, but it’s quite another thing to actually live it. It really hammers home the point of why I love video games so much – you get to experience the lives of other people.

The Leliana’s Song DLC puts you in control of the badass bard herself and shows you just how brutal her past was. It only took me a little over an hour to beat it, but the whole experience was quite powerful. I should also state for the record that the Marketplace area background music has knocked Final Fantasy XIII’s battle music down a spot on my favourite game music list. That should say something! So, here we go! Time to babble about the bard’s adventure.

!!!SPOILERS AHEAD!!! DO NOT read anything else unless you want this great game ruined… I’m serious.

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