Gracing GreedFall

⚡ Caution ⚡ – This post may contain minor spoilers for the beginnings of GreedFall. Some people like going into games knowing as little as possible (like me) so just thought I’d give you fair warning!

GreedFall Boxart

Woot! Shiny new action RPG I’m playing at release (for a change). Many of the preview articles I read pegged this on the BioWare-level of RPG awesomeness so I decided to preorder it, putting my Mass Effect Trilogy Platinum Quest on hold. And, yes. The Dragon Age vibes are quite strong will this one! I have lovingly dubbed this game “Dragon Age: Assassin’s Creed (Witcher 3 Edition)”

Not a bad thing at all to borrow some great gameplay elements from other great RPGs to create an immersive world. Maker knows I need a game to lose myself in with all the chaos surrounding my real world these days. Ahem.

I’m sitting at over 12 hours invested in Teer Fradee at the moment, and have to say I’m not disappointed thus far. Here are some of my unimportant initial opinions on stuff relating to this video game title!

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Things on the XIIIth: August & September 2019

Welcome to my monthly progress post that happens on the 13th (unless I miss a month… twice in a row… oops), which marks the start of a new fiscal month here on Livid Lightning. Get it? XIII is my favourite number… because I like Final Fantasy XIII a lot? Jeez… tough crowd.

Hello, my treasured internet readers and valued view-generating spam-bots!

I’ve been a mess again, as usual, and think I’ve recovered from my latest emotional meltdown. That life thing is crazy, man. I’ll babble about some things that have been bugging me in my “Life & Other Things” section, if you are at all interested in reading me whine about stuff.

Simpsons Internet Coping Meme
I’m not sure if memes and social media are the greatest of coping mechanisms, but they are making me slightly feel less sad and alone right now.

I consider 13 my lucky number. So it being Friday the 13th with a full moon makes it an extra special day for me. Here’s to hoping the universe sends those good vibes to anyone who needs them!

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Niko Bellic, My Murderous Merc-For-Hire


Back in the day (Earth year 2017 to be exact), the talented folks over at Later Levels asked the wonderful blogging community questions every month is a challenge aptly called Question of the Month. In October 2017, the big question was this:

If you needed a mercenary, which video game character would you hire?

I enjoyed answering the question on my long deleted old blog, thus have now remastered my answer on Livid Lightning for no reason at all. Enjoy!

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N7: Platinum Mass Effect 2 (Week 7)

Welcome to Part 5 of my Mass Effect 2 Platinum Trophy quest! You can check out Part 4 here.

I… really love the Infiltrator class! I’m so glad this Platinum Trophy Insanity quest pushed me to try it out. There’s nothing sweeter than cloaking and landing the perfect headshot on an unfortunate enemy. I’ve gathered tons of sniper upgrades and damage boosts at this point. I can pretty much one-shot any lesser enemy, even if they have full shields up. If I get caught dying outside of cover, I can cloak to get the hell out of there. I’ve even used the cloaking ability to get an objective without having to kill all the enemies. Awesome. Insanity difficulty is more fun instead of frustrating now. Yay!

N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 Week 7 3.png
Is this called… tactical? It’s actually fun! The Sniper Rifle needs moar ammo, though.

And yes, this is taking a lot longer than my Mass Effect 1 Platinum quest, but that’s okay. Other things in my life take priority over video games these days. Here’s how Week 7 went down, which covers August 25th to August 31st 2019.

WARNING: Lots of !!!SPOILERS!!! below. Stop reading and scrolling if you don’t want the Mass Effect trilogy ruined for you. You have been warned.

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The Simpsons Tapped Out ⚡Review

The Simpsons Tapped Out

Platform Played On: iOS, Android
Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: City Building, Freemium
Release Date: March 1, 2012

Wannabe Writer’s Note: This is the re-posting of my The Simpsons Tapped Out review I wrote on my old website. This article was originally posted on October 3rd, 2015. Enjoy past me’s mostly unedited ramblings! I’ll also add a few notes from present me since I played it a bit while remastering this review. Yes, my older reviews are messy, but I still love(d) writing them.

Normally, I despise the whole “freemium” game genre and try stay at least 50 meters away from these types of games at all times. Tap and wait (or pay) just doesn’t sit right with me as a gameplay mechanic. However, I am a huge fan of that sarcastically hilarious yellow American family, The Simpsons. When I heard EA was making a game where you could build your very own Springfield I just couldn’t pass it up.

I had been playing this game on and off since its release. It was actually a stressful time in my life when I started playing it. I had just recently got laid off from my job and was waiting in my car for a job interview appointment with another company. The quirky humor of the game definitely helped me through my nervous state. And yes, I got that job and still have it today (Present Me’s Note: Still have that job actual today, too).

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The Wrath of 121++ Questions

Before I’m legally obligated to change the name of my website to “Livid Mass Effect”, I’m going to post about something else for a change: blogger tags. And this 8,000+ word question-answering chaos needs some semi-serious explanation so… ahem.

Back on July 4th 2019, one of my dear blogger buddies jokingly (I’m assuming) challenged me to answer 121 questions. Yes, smart guy Aether tagged me 11 times in his Sunshine Blogger Award 3.0 post. Well… challenge accepted and surpassed, I’m afraid. A Lightning always pays her debts.

Unfortunately for Aether, I happen to have a HUGE backlog of these tags (plus a backup of some from my old website). Being the weird person that I am, I decided to combine them all and here we are with 203 questions answered in a single article. My life history in blogger tag answers… Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Only Aether is required to actually read all of this so feel free to click far away from here if you’re not him. Duplicate questions with different answers, poor formatting, miscounts, and many spelling errors are highly possible. Livid Lightning accepts no responsibility for this, or anything. Read at your own risk.

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N7: Platinum Mass Effect 2 (Week 6-ish)

Welcome to Part 4 of my Mass Effect 2 Platinum Trophy quest! You can check out Part 3 here.

Now I know. Infiltrator is the way to go on Insanity difficulty. Shout-out to Drakulus for the expert advice. I’m loving the cloaking ability and devastating sniper damage thus far. Insanity and Romance… the only two trophies between me and that shiny Platinum.

N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 6 1.png
The Space Dick… he lives!! Mwahahaha 😈

I always prefer to be the righteous hero in games, but it’s really fun being evil once in a while, I’m not going to lie. Shepard’s Renegade lines are pure dark humour gold in this game. I really need that kind of humour these days, lemme tell ya.

Here’s how Week 6-ish went down. I’m pretending July 28th to August 18th didn’t happen in my life, so this covers August 19th to August 24th 2019. I like to keep proper records of my video game ramblings… what can I say?

WARNING: Lots of !!!SPOILERS!!! below. Stop reading and scrolling if you don’t want the Mass Effect trilogy ruined for you. You have been warned.

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