Life Is Strange – Episode 2: Out of Time

Welcome to Part 2 of my Life Is Strange Babblethrough series! You can check out the first post here if ya missed it and are interested in reading it. Thanks! 🙂

The teenage drama and time manipulation continues. This episode deals with some pretty heavy subject material so reader discretion is certainly advised in addition to the usual spoiler warnings.

Seriously… if you ever feel worthless, hopeless, helpless, and just generally tired of living your life, you are not alone. I know. It’s so hard to reach out for help when you’re in a bad place (like seemingly at the end of your road), but you are a wonderful human being who deserves to fight and live on. Call one of the numbers found here if you are struggling to find the will to keep going. They can help you! You got this life thing.

!!!MAJOR FREAKING SPOILER WARNING!!! This is one of those games where the less you know the better. I’m about to ruin everything by summarizing it so STOP AND READ NO MORE, if you have plans to play this someday. You have been warned.

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