2018 Community GOTY Challenge Accepted

The always amazing Luna over at GamersUnitedGG extended a seasonally appropriate challenge to the blogging community (found here). Basically, you write a post about your personal Game of the Year (that thankfully does NOT need to be released this year, just one you played this year). Then there will be a poll with voting and stuff, which sounds really cool! I’ve decided to partake in this event and this post is my entry.

I’ve already declared my GOTY that came out this year in my last post. That would be Mega Man 11 since it’s the only game from 2018 I actually beat in 2018… BUT since this challenge is open to ANY game I played this year (regardless of launch date), well, that’s hella hard because it’s been quite a gaming year for me, let me tell you.

I honestly have no idea what I’m going to pick out of the 15 great games (and shameful DLC purchases) I finished this year. So… I’m going to stop babbling about it and do a ranked list of games I beat this year. That should help me narrow down my winner. Let’s do this!

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Things on the XIIIth: December 2018

Welcome to my monthly progress post that happens on the 13th, which marks the start of a new fiscal month here on Livid Lightning. Get it? XIII is my favourite number… because I like Final Fantasy XIII a lot? Jeez… tough crowd.

Oh. My. Maker. It’s the last freaking month of 2018, and that merry Christmas thing is, like, 12 days away… wow. 2018 has been one of the hardest years of my life so I’m definitely not sorry to see it go. Very much looking forward to a new year, and hopefully a new beginning! I got this.

Alberta Trip
Oh, and work sent me to Alberta again. It takes about 3 plane transfers over 12 hours to get there from NS. This epic moment descending into the clouds was almost worth it!

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