Path of the Grey Warden 8: Gruesome Golems

Wannabe Writer’s Note: This is the re-posting of the Dragon Age Origins babblethrough series I did on my old website. This article was originally posted on December 23, 2017. Enjoy past me’s unedited ramblings!

Oh Maker, this DLC… what is it with dwarves and creepy-freaking storylines? Anyway, Golems of Amgarrak takes place in an abandoned Deep Roads thaig after the events of the main game/Awakening. As usual, you have the awesome option to import your Grey Warden. I really feel like Grey Warden Ellen and I have been through so much together! This will also be the final leg of her massive journey – always a bittersweet moment when a big quest finally ends… sniffs.

Greusome Golems 1
I won’t go into much detail outside of my spoiler area, but I will say this DLC very heavy on the Resident Evil-ish themes.

A dwarf named Jerrik Dace writes your mighty Warden-Commander a letter, pleading for your discreet help with an issue. His brother went missing while trying to find Amgarrak (hence the DLC name). Apparently, some intense research went down in there, and the dwarves are trying to uncover the secrets to restore their former glory… Yep, that never turns out good for ANYONE, EVER!

So, just how bad did it get? Well… let’s start from the beginning.

!!!SPOILERS AHEAD!!! DO NOT read anything else unless you want this great game ruined… I’m serious.

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