🌇 Community Collaborations

The biggest reason why I love blogging online so much: meeting cool people! These are the posts I wrote for various community events, challenges, etc., that were held by other bloggers on the internet.

Things for the Well-Red Mage

Answering Big Questions

Things for Adventure Rules

Blogger Blitz

Things for Later Levels

Question of the Month

  • Bowser for Santa! – Question of the Month: December 2017: What video game character would do a better job than Santa?

Creative Christmas 2017/2018

Things for AmbiGaming

12 Days of Blogmas 2018 Song – 🎶1 best reason to play games2 games to improve3 gaming things in 20194 dramatic moments5 replayed games6 future failed resolutions7 babbling blog posts8 cool characters9 games a backlogged10 playing reasons11 games I love, and the link to my 12 gaming memories! 🎶

A Letter From Inquisitor Ellen – A letter summing up Dragon Age Inquisition sent to the Goddess of Wisdom for her Year of the RPG project.

Things for Clan Geek

Things for GamersUnitedGG

Things for That Green Dude

Things for Normal Happenings

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