Life Is Strange – Episode 4: Dark Room

Welcome to Part 4 of my Life Is Strange Babblethrough series of posts!

You know that age old advice that says if you find yourself in the past don’t touch anything, else you could change the future in ways you can’t even begin imagine? Yeah. That’s good advice! The plot twists and chills are strong in this one, my friends.

!!!MAJOR FREAKING SPOILER WARNING!!! This is one of those games where the less you know the better. I’m about to ruin everything by summarizing it so STOP AND READ NO MORE, if you have plans to play this someday. You have been warned.

In this new timeline, alive and well William bought Chloe a car for her birthday. That resulted in a horrible car accident that left Chloe paralyzed. Chloe doesn’t have many friends in this state and is grateful to hangout with Max again (she apparently abandoned Chloe in this timeline too).

William and Joyce are working themselves to death trying to pay for all of Chloe’s medical expenses, and worst of all, Chloe is slowly dying from respiratory failure anyway. Chloe begs Max to give her an IV overdose so she can pass on from this painful existence without burdening her family any longer. I… couldn’t do it.

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Dark Room 1
*sobs uncontrollably*

Thankfully, Max and Chloe were flipping through a photo album and Max is able to jump back to the day of William’s accident. This time she does nothing but burn the photo to prevent her future self from time jumping (I guess that’s what it’s called) again. William grabs his keys and heads off to die, while young Max stands by feeling awful and powerless (I know I sure as hell did). Alas! Time must run its proper cruel course.

Max finds herself back in the correct present with Chloe, giving her a huge bear hug (“Whoa! Down, Max! You get one kiss and now you’re all over me.” 😂). Then it’s back to the main quest: Where in the world is Rachel Amber? This eventually leads Max to break into Nathan’s room to search for clues while Chloe keeps a lookout at the main door.

Nathan’s room is filled with expensive camera gear (his privilege is showing) and very disturbing imagery alluding to the fact he has a fetish about torturing women. Max is also disgusted to find a photo of Chloe passed out on the floor (she luckily escaped from Nathan and that’s why she confronted him in the bathroom on day 1). His emails give evidence that Nathan is dealing with psychotic episodes and needs to take meds for his mental health condition. Wow. That’s intense.

Max finds a burner phone and evidence behind his couch and heads back to Chloe. Unfortunately, enraged Nathan suddenly shows up to stop them from leaving. Before he can attack, Warren arrives, finds the eye of the tiger, and is able to headbutt Nathan to the ground. Max pulls crazed Warren away, and Nathan stomps off.

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Dark Room 2
Vengeance is always sweet. Warren can deliver one hell of a beatdown when he wants to. Good job, buddy!

Next, Chloe and Max head off to talk to Frank the drug dealer in his quaint beachside RV location. There also seems to be a mass of dead whales along the shore, which is the latest natural mystery to hit Arcadia Bay (snow… eclipses… dead whales… predicted future tornado… I’m sure it’s all fine). Not my usual playstyle, for sure, but I somehow manage to come to a peaceful agreement with Frank. He wants to find out what happened to Rachel Amber as much as Chloe and Max do. With all the evidence in hand, it’s off to Chloe’s room to figure out where Nathan went with Rachel.

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Dark Room 3
He’s not a totally bad guy. He rescued his beloved dog, Pompidou, from an abusive owner.

Max and Chloe (well, actually me with the help of a guide) piece the evidence together and narrow down their search to an old barn in the middle of nowhere. After poking around in the barn, Max and Chloe uncover a staircase down into a state-of-the-art photography studio with a ton of expensive camera equipment inside. Very odd to have something like that in a barn basement, no?

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Dark Room 4.png
Oh, Maker…. things were certainly starting to seem grim at this point, but I seriously was not prepared for the truth. I can’t handle the truth!

Okay. Here’s what happens now. I don’t really want to remember this, but here we go anyway. There are several binders in the dark room with names of Nathan’s victims. At first, they find a Kate binder with pictures of her unconscious and bound on the floor. Then they find the Rachel binder that contains a disturbing photo of Nathan posing with Rachel, whose body is partly buried in the ground. Chloe is adamant she is just unconscious and Nathan probably paid her a ton of money to do this… but Max isn’t so optimistic. Oh and there’s also an empty Victoria binder. Hm. I wonder who could be next?

Chloe suddenly recognizes the location as the junkyard and they speed off to find clues. And, yeah… I’ll just say it: after one frantic dig, Chloe and Max uncover Rachel’s dead body in one of the saddest scenes I’ve ever witnessed in a video game. I mean, I knew she was most likely dead but it still sucked to get confirmation… and to see poor Chloe’s reaction.

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Dark Room 5.png
This world can be a sick and twisted place, that’s for sure.

Revenge time! Chloe wants to see Nathan burn for this, so it’s off to crash the Vortex Club party that’s being held that night in the pool part of this cruel school. One odd thing to note is that there are two moons in the sky, but no one really seems to care. Drunk Warren also snaps a selfie with Max before they head inside (very, very, very important photo for later, just sayin’).

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Dark Room 6
My thoughts exactly, Max.

After scoping out the party, Nathan is nowhere to be found. I also warn Victoria that she might possibly be in danger (I’m a nice person). On the way out, Mr. Jefferson gives a nice speech announcing that Victoria is the winner of the photo contest trip thingy that I haven’t really talked about much.

Outside, Max gets a text from Nathan saying there won’t be any evidence left of Rachel soon. Chloe and Max rush back to the junkyard to stop him. Chloe with her gun drawn, and Max with her powers for backup, creep slowly in the dark to the body location. They are relieved (relatively) to find everything as it was.

Suddenly, Max is pricked with a needle to the neck, Chloe is shot dead, Max can’t do anything with her powers, and the last thing she sees is Mr. Jefferson looking down on her before she blacks out… end of episode.

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Dark Room 7
Yes. Yes, I did start the next episode immediately. Whoa! DID NOT see that one coming.

⚡Thanks for reading!⚡

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9 thoughts on “Life Is Strange – Episode 4: Dark Room”

  1. This was a rough episode to play through with the alternate timeline Chloe wanting you to help her die (I couldn’t do it either) and then finding the dark room and Rachel Amber’s body and then finally the twist reveal at the end.

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      1. I guess because its a different story where the characters are on the run rather than a love story but I hope there’s sadness on the way to their destination. I dunno, there’s plenty of scenerios where heartbreaks can occur if its like a on the run story. Hope they pull a big twist in Episode 4.

        Liked by 1 person

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