Life Is Strange – Episode 1: Chrysalis

Welcome to Part 1 of my babblethrough post series for Life Is Strange!

Way back in February of this year, I had the pleasure of playing and Platinuming this game in a single weekend. Such an amazing story delivery… I just couldn’t put it down.

Presently, the writing about games mood has sorta struck me again. Woot! I’ve been working on a review for this game and I noticed my summary section was growing way out of word count control. I figured this special game certainly deserves the proper LightningEllen babblethrough treatment so here we are. This post will cover what I want to remember from Episode 1.

!!!MAJOR FREAKING SPOILER WARNING!!! This is one of those games where the less you know the better. I’m about to ruin everything by summarizing it so STOP AND READ NO MORE, if you have plans to play this someday. You have been warned.

Never trust butterflies, drug dealers, absolutely anyone in a high school, and glitches with the laws of quantum mechanics… but I’m getting ahead of my own summary already. The game starts off with Maxine Caulfield lost in one nightmare of a storm on the shoreline of Arcadia Bay. She wakes up in her photography class thinking that was way too real to be a dream, man. After some typical classroom dramaz with the prepy popular bitch, Victoria Chase, making Max feel bad about herself, she chats with her famous teacher, Mr. Jefferson, and heads off into the hallway. This eventually leads to the ladies washroom where something big goes down.

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Chrysalis 1
Yup! Popular bitches will do that if you ain’t one of ’em, eh. I feel your pain, Max. Sigh.

Max, still shaken from her “dream”, washes her face in the sink. A blue butterfly suddenly appears and lands on a bucket in the corner. Seeing this as the perfect photo op, Max runs over and snaps a picture of it. Two people immediately bust into the washroom and Max hides. An entitled rich dude drug dealer, Nathan Prescott, is getting chewed out by an enraged blue-haired woman (who sounds an awful lot like Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn).

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Chrysalis 2
Blue hair is not as cool as pink hair, in my opinion, but it’s still a pretty badass hair colour!

It all happens so fast… Nathan pulls a gun out, shoots blue hair, and Max freaks out waving her hand. Then, BOOM! Time is reversed and Max finds herself back in the classroom going through the same lecture as before. She urgently heads back to the washroom and harnesses her newfound time controlling ability to save the blue-haired woman (pulling the fire alarm FTW).

After that it was pretty much explore the school grounds, make choices, deal with petty teenage dramaz, and meet a ton of the characters while learning how to utilize Max’s strange power (I may have dumped a bucket of white paint on Victoria so she’d stop being a damn gatekeeper… HA!). Later in the school’s parking lot, Max meets up with her male friend Warren Graham (who obviously has a crush on her) and they start nerding out.

Nathan soon shows up and starts harassing Max (he was extra angry since I tried to tell the principal on him and his gun, but his parents own the damn town so he’s basically above the law). Nathan and Max get in a physical struggle (probably because I antagonized him during the confrontation… jerk) with Warren nearby trying really hard to help but not really being of much use. Then the blue-haired woman makes a timely appearance and almost hits them with a freaking truck, saving the day.

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Chrysalis 3
Well, then… that escalated quickly!

Max and the blue-haired woman speed away in a truck leaving poor Warren to fend for himself against Nathan’s continued assault. Poor guy. Plot twist! The blue-haired woman is Chloe Price (Max’s long lost childhood BFF), and she’s understandably upset that Max hasn’t contacted her since moving back to Arcadia Bay. The two patch things up and catch up in Chloe’s room back at her house.

Chloe is a huge stoner, hates her stepfather (who she lovingly refers to as step-douche), her beloved dad died in a car accident which set her off on this rebellious path (she gives Max his camera as a replacement for the one busted in the Nathan encounter… wow… sniffs). Most importantly to the main plot line, Chloe’s replacement best friend after Max left, Rachel Amber, is missing and she’s hella worried about that. Oh and Nathan seems to have tried to kidnap her. Yikes.

The pair head off to a sunny lighthouse trail (which happens to be the same place from Max’s nightmare at the start). Max has another “nightmare” (read: future flash forward), and with the help of a conveniently flapping around in the wind newspaper, finds out a massive thunderstorm (complete with freaking huge tornado) is coming in just four days to wipe out the town. She returns to the present with a concerned Chloe holding her and saying she blacked out.

Confused Max confesses and convinces Chloe (alliteration addiction is real, amigos) that her dream is real and she has time reversing powers. At first Chloe thinks Max is high (or needs to get high…. HA!), but is more open to the idea when it starts snowing in 80 degree weather (26.67 degrees for my fellow Celsius scale users). Awestruck Chloe asks Max to tell her story again from the start, and the episode’s ending scene plays.

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Chrysalis 4
A true best friend will always be on your side, no matter how insane your story is.

⚡Thanks for reading!⚡

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6 thoughts on “Life Is Strange – Episode 1: Chrysalis”

  1. What a game I’ve played it through a couple of times, I look forward to reading your thoughts on the other episodes as this game just keeps ramping up the stakes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is one of those games I’d really like to play but just can’t seem to find enough time to get to. I didn’t read to avoid spoilers but I fully support this series and will go back to it if I ever get a chance to play it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. If I had the kind of life where I could get away with blue hair, I’d totally go for it. Not pink hair. That’s not my color, so much.

    I really enjoyed Life is Strange! A really understated, thoughtful game. It takes its time with the first act setting everything up, but it still moves at a really comfortable pace.

    Liked by 1 person

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