Mission: Finish Fallout 4 in March (Failed)

So, I said I’d do the follow up post to the #MaybeInMarch Mission sometime in April… I wasn’t planning on it being this late in April, but eh, here we go! Ahem.

As the title of this blog post implies, I did not beat Fallout 4 in March (unsurprisingly) BUT I was super happy to see a few bloggers out there contribute to the event. Here are the participant posts that caught my limited attention. If you contributed something and I didn’t catch it, definitely let me know. I’ll remedy that and include a link to your content as well.

And now I shall babble in detail about what I did actually do in Fallout 4 during March. I’m happy to say I’ve platinumed the game last weekend (#AlwaysApril FTW). Yes. My posting timeline is all over the place these days…

Also:ย HUGE FREAKING SPOILER WARNING for anyone who hasn’t beaten Fallout 4 yet and wants to. You have been warned.

March 2nd, 2019

After over two years away from this game, let’s just say it took me a few minutes of playing around with the controls and reading quest logs to remember WTF I was supposed to be doing. I eased myself in with a few settlement related side quests for the Minutemen. It didn’t take too, too long for my Fallout 4 memories to return. I even remembered where my stash of cool stuff was in Sanctuary Hills (I have a tiny toolbox there that’s filled with every weapon and piece of armor I thought looked cool. Capricorns are pack rats, what can I say?).

Finish Fallout 4 in March Failed
Didn’t take me long to remember how to V.A.T.S. at least. Here’s Sole Survivor Ellen being a total badass in the middle of a radioactive lightning storm. Hell to the yeah!

When I got back on the main quest track, I remembered the last thing I had done was kill that evil Institute Courser synth guy. A quick stop to sarcastically chat with some lady in a place called the Memory Den happened. She sent me to go look for a group called the Railroad to decode the memory chip I stole from the Courser’s cybernetic corpse. This led me to follow the Freedom Trail around Boston (a worn out red line on the ground) to find their secret base. I won’t go into detail about how I accidentally got lost and ended up dying horribly to an unexpected Mirelurk Queen encounter inside of an unrelated building, but I found the group… eventually.

Finish Fallout 4 in March Failed 1
The Railroad crew! A group dedicated to helping the good synth beings that are persecuted against in the Commonwealth.

The group welcomed me with suspicion and a machine gun at the ready, but once they found out I had a Courser chip their leader Desdemona agreed to send me on a secret mission with Deacon (the cool dude with the shades). I met up with Deacon, and then promptly blew the speech challenge with his contact Ricky before calling it a day.

Finish Fallout 4 in March Failed 2.png
And screw you, Charisma level, for being so damn low… Pfft. Killing things better is my style, thank you very much.

March 3rd, 2019

The mission with Deacon continued on my next play day. We slaughtered a bunch of mindless Gen 1 Institute synths inside of a complex (I guess the Railroad doesn’t care about saving those ones… just the more advanced human-like synths). Deacon told me what the main mission goal was once we got inside: To retrieve a prototype that their Dr. Carrington developed. With that in hand, I fast traveled back to the Railroad base. Thank the Maker I didn’t have to follow that Freedom Trail again. Deacon gave his highly embellished story about what happened to Desdemona. He seriously made my Sole Survivor sound like the combat queen of the Commonwealth (well, to be fair, she kinda is).

Finish Fallout 4 in March Failed 3
Oh, Deacon… such flattery. Tee hee. For the record, I responded with: “Mostly true. But there wasn’t 100 of them and Deacon was with me the whole way.”

Since I’m such a badass, Desdemona asked if I wanted to be an official member of the Railroad. I figured protecting innocent beings is a noble cause so… why not? I even got to pick my own code name: Bullseye, baby! I explored the Railroad HQ and met Glory (awesome lady with a machine gun who likes pwning things… I love her), P.A.M (Predictive Analytic Machine who calculates enemy activity and whatnot)), Tinker Tom (crazy brilliant dude who injected me with battery acid… long story), and cool guy Deacon officially joined me as a companion. Woot! I ran a few side quests for the Railroad, including helping a H2-22 synth unit escape to freedom.

Finish Fallout 4 in March Failed 4
If Detroit Become Human and Mass Effect 3 have taught me anything, it’s that synthetic life is real life too.

Then it was back to the Glowing Sea to chat with Virgil, the super mutant-itized former Institute scientist who sent me to get the Courser chip in the first place (I think). Now that the Railroad helped me crack the code, Virgil says I can use it to teleport myself to the Institute with a signal they use to deploy Coursers. Sounds scary… I’ll need help making the main teleporting-device-thingy so I was given the choice to bring it to the Minutemen, the Railroad, or the Brotherhood of Steel. He also reminded me to search for a cure for him once I make it into Institute land.

Finish Fallout 4 in March Failed 5
I should mention Virgil doesn’t have a ton of respect for the Railroad… Vending machine lives matter!

And instead of doing that right away, I started doing unrelated side missions for the Brotherhood of Steel for no reason at all (they also happen to NOT be friends with the Railroad… I hope they don’t get mad at me). The TL;DR version my side excursion with them is: Paladin Danse took me up to the Brotherhood’s badass blimp thing (the Prydwen) in a hella cool helicopter. I introduced myself to all the Brotherhood’s high-ranking members, including their leader Elder Maxson. Maxson gave me bad ‘Make the Commonwealth great again!’ vibes, but he seems to mean well… probably. They are also very bigoted about syths, considering all of them evil. I should also mention that Proctor Ingram was my favourite person on the blimp. She’s such a sarcastic treasure!

Finish Fallout 4 in March Failed 6
Also, taking my syth buddy Valentine up there with me was NOT a good idea. I hope he doesn’t hate me now…

After my little side gig with the bro-hood, I went back to the Railroad to resume the main quest. At this point I decided I was going for the shiny Platinum trophy. The guide I was following said to build the molecular transmission thingy with the Railroad for an easier time getting all the ending related trophies. Needless to say, Tinker Tom was all for my crazy plan. That’s where I called it a day.

Shiny Trophies Unlocked:
Tradecraft (Bronze) – Join the Railroad
Fallout 4 - TradecraftRoboCo’s Worst Nightmare (Silver) – Hack 50 Terminals
Fallout 4 - RoboCo's Worst Nightmare

March 10th, 2019

And this was the last day I played Fallout 4 in March. Mental health levels tanked and all that. It wasn’t a very productive day, either. I didn’t pursue the main quest at all…. I just did a ton of side quests for the Railroad and the Minutemen, while spending valuable time with my barking best friend, Dogmeat (who I had lost track of but lured back to Sanctuary Hills via doghouse…. woot!). Here are some screenshot highlights of my adventures from that day:

Finish Fallout 4 in March Failed 7
Yeah… the ruined hospital areas were NOT my favourite places to visit… At least my province’s MRI machines are in better shape than this one! This one doesn’t have an infinite waiting list, though. Hm…
Finish Fallout 4 in March Failed 8
Spoiler: I cheated and used a guide to get all the bobbleheads for my Platinum trophy. BUT I accidentally stumbled upon the Repair Bobblehead without looking for it. I thought that was awesome!
Finish Fallout 4 in March Failed 9
I got to work with Glory for a mission! She’s such a sarcastic badass.
Finish Fallout 4 in March Failed 10
Didn’t die when a Glowing Deathclaw decided to show up out of nowhere! I was proud of me.
Finish Fallout 4 in March Failed 11
My faithful companion, Dogmeat, and I pwned many a Raider, Institute synth, Gunner, and irradiated creature. Good boy!
Finish Fallout 4 in March Failed 12
Just like real life Ellen, Sole Survivor Ellen’s Charisma level is far too low to even take a shot at any Romance options. Sorry Preston… I honestly just want close friends more than anything else, anyway.

That wraps up my Fallout 4 adventures in March. I tried….

If nothing else, this article was very fun to write so I definitely want to do daily log formatted posts for the remainder of my Fallout 4 journey. We’ll see how it goes, though!

โšกThanks for reading!โšก

If for some odd reason you want to read more of my posts, you can find a somewhat organized (and usually up to date) archive of my ramblingsโ€ฆ I mean, articlesย here!

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20 thoughts on “Mission: Finish Fallout 4 in March (Failed)”

  1. Hey that’s more than I managed to get done in March, I didn’t get much gaming at all done been busy and tired a lot too hoping to get some games finished out the way in the next few months as there’s not any new releases I’m interested in for a little while. Don’t push yourself too hard and I look forward to reading whatever you post next. ๐Ÿ‘Šโšก

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, you made progress, at least. MaybeInMay is catchier anyways.

    My goal for a while now has been to have Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion finished by the end of April. Three nights left. Here’s hoping.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha, I chose the code name Bullseye, too! It’s hilarious to me cause I’m such a terrible shot. I also decided to side with the Railroad, though I’m still kinda helping out the Minutemen, too. I don’t think they know about my work with the RR, so we’ll see how long that lasts. Progress has been slow but fun. Hope you continue along in the game, too, as you feel up to it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Guess what, I read about your March challenge and tried to finish Skyrim before the month ends… of course, I failed miserably. I guess I’m not so much a dedicated gamer as in my teen years, sigh.
    (but I’ll finish it eventually, and let you know)

    Also, huge thanks for this post. I’m planning to get back to Fallout 4 after a year of leaving the game untouched, and your notes will be great to read if I want to remind myself what actually happened with my character. Wish you luck with finishing the game too!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I liked the Railroad best too! It probably doesn’t hurt that my dog’s name is Desdemona ๐Ÿ˜€ She was named that before I played this game though. This was a really fun read on your Fallout 4 experience!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I think the last time I finished a game was…wow it was March o.O I wasn’t planning on that lol. Of course now it’s almost June and I haven’t completely anything else and have, in fact, nearly come to the one year anniversary of when I started FFVI, but I’m WAY too into Phoenix Wright to really care.

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