Demo-Diving: 1-Shotting Resident Evil 2

resident evil 2 1-shot demo 1

Woo! Video game demos. It’s been a while since I tried out one of those. They’re great, though! A nice way to get a feel for a game before you commit. With all the hype surrounding the Resident Evil 2 demo being released, I decided to try it out too. I have pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition of the Resident Evil 2 REmake so I might as well see what’s in store (the sweet Leon statue got to me… and yes, I am part of the problem).

I’m not much of a horror game kinda gal, but the Resident Evil series has had a special place in my heart since my teenage days. It’s likely a combination of cool story, badass characters, and hilariously cheesy one-liners. I can stomach all the gore and jump scares to witness those things, for sure. Surprisingly, I haven’t really talked about the series much as LightningEllen. My teenage blogger self wouldn’t shut-up about the series though (specifically the 4th one, and my first). That’s about to change starting with this post!

I definitely prefer the action-oriented Resident Evil games like 4 and 5, but also enjoyed the slower paced original, 2, and 3. The rest are in my backlog. I barely remember the original version of Resident Evil 2 so thankfully this game should be a really new experience for me. Here are some of my impressions of the demo!

Please note: If my screenshots seem a little bright, it’s because I ignored the game’s brightness level suggestions. I’ll shed all the light I can on this hella creepy place, thank you very much.

First Steps in the Remade RPD

resident evil 2 1-shot demo 2
A true horror protagonist never obeys half-assed warning signs.

The demo allows you to play for 30 minutes. I only messed around for about 20 minutes before deciding to try and sleep (which failed… those remastered zombies are scary, man). Anywho, my first thought was that the controls are slick! It felt a lot like Resident Evil 4 and I appreciated all the button prompts to interact with things in the environment.

resident evil 2 1-shot demo 3
I’m sure we’ll be just fine, Leon…

Leon’s character model seemed a little, um, off? I guess is the word. I’m hoping that’s just a demo thing, but graphics aren’t the end all, be all of a game, eh. The zombie related gore was definitely gory. I also loved all the little details in the environment. Everything felt very realistic. Almost too realistic…

ZOMG! Zombies!!

resident evil 2 1-shot demo 4
I can’t learn the controls under these conditions!!! *freaks out*

After a quiet stroll through the ruined, dead body filled police department, my first encounter with those lovely undead happened… after witnessing an unfortunate officer get sliced in two under a door thingy… yikes. The gore with that scene was pretty freaking realistic. Yuck! But yeah, you take the officer’s notebook and then a zombie busts in the door. I had no idea how to shoot yet, so that ended with a few bites on poor Leon. On the way back to the main room, a few more undead decided to join the party.

resident evil 2 1-shot demo 5
They are slower than the Villagers of RE4, but damn, they can get to you more quickly than you think.

What I helplessly noticed, when I finally learned how to fire without crying, was that these zombies are hella resilient. I had to shoot them in the head SEVERAL TIMES before they kicked the bucket for good. And when I thought one was dead, it wasn’t, and attacked me while I was running for Leon’s life from another zombie. Yep. It didn’t take long for…

resident evil 2 1-shot demo 6
The game suggested I enable aim assist after this. I… took the suggestion.

Felled by the first zombie mob… my teenage zombie hunting skills are clearly gone. My second attempt went better. I swear, the biggest ugly one was good at slowly dodging my horribly aimed bullets.

Story and Puzzles!

resident evil 2 1-shot demo 7
Love the dark humour in the item description!! “Riffraff”… 😛

Leon escapes the clutches of the undead on his tail, thanks to the help of another injured officer (who’s in the main room now). The pair discuss things like a secret passage map in the officer’s notebook that Leon acquired. Lots of the overly dramatic dialogue that the series is known for later, Leon has to solve a puzzle to continue on. That’s where I called it a demo. I wasn’t prepared to face whatever the heck was lurking in the secret passage. Plus puzzles are hard… the zombies probably had more brainpower than I did since I played the demo after a long work week.

resident evil 2 1-shot demo 8
Misery loves company, rookie!

Overall Thoughts

I like what I saw in the demo! I mean, I’m not madly in love with what I’ve seen so far, but it’s enough for me to safely say I will probably enjoy the main game. Not every game needs to be a freaking glorious masterpiece for me to have fun with it, you know? I’m excited to get back into the Resident Evil series with this one soon!

⚡Thanks for reading!⚡

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17 thoughts on “Demo-Diving: 1-Shotting Resident Evil 2”

      1. Thanks for sharing such a great post LightningEllen! I wasn’t able to play the demo. I want to feel every surprises Resident Evil 2 has when I play its released version. It’s already February and I seem to be behind with Resident Evil 2. Anyway, count me in!

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  1. I played the demo as well and I finished in about 27 minutes ( spent half of it exploring. I wish it was an hour. I played the demo with no hud so extra immersed! it’s so good. I was originally on the fence regarding the game but the demo convinced me. My thoughts on the demo should go up Monday.

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  2. I love that Capcom are so on board with demos these days. The RE7 demo series was really cool. I’m not sure if I’ll bother with the RE2 remake yet. The demo’s good, but I’m not sure if I’ve got the patience for walking around solving puzzles whilst holding off zombies right now.

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