Creative Christmas 5: Oh No the Mistletoe…

Ho, ho, ho, internet!

Last year, the amazing Kim of Later Levels created this awesome Christmas community collaboration event thingy. I was so totally in, then I deleted my old website earlier this year, erasing my old entries of the interwebz forever. Alas!

Basically, there were 12 holiday themed questions bloggers answered on set days, in a format of their own choosing. Yep. I’m still trying to get back in touch with my joyful side after 2018’s craziness… so I’m hyping myself up for that upcoming cheery Christmas event by re-posting my old answers and providing new answers for this year. I’ve changed a lot, man.

Question #5

The party is still going strong and you find yourself conveniently positioned under the mistletoe. Which video game character would you call over for a cheeky kiss?

2017 Answer

Bah! I’m not really into the whole party or kissing mistletoe things… but if Alistair from Dragon Age Origins found me under one, I totally wouldn’t complain… too much. 😉

Creative Christmas 5 1
Tee hee?

2018 Answer

Poor 2017 Me had no idea what asexuality was, and that she is a demiromantic asexual. My aversion to kissing anyone under the mistletoe makes a whole lot more sense now that I’ve figured out my sexual orientation, finally! I admit I pretended to be into the whole kissing/roamnce-y stuff quite a bit. I had no freaking idea how to explain how I felt, feeling so alone that I wasn’t into sexual relationships like everyone else around me. What was wrong with me? Now I know that answer is NOTHING. And that’s a great feeling.

But yeah, Alistair was definitely my first true video game character crush. But nope, I don’t wanna kiss him or drag him to my Grey Warden’s tent. I want to bash darkspawn with him, laugh at his lame jokes, and be honored by having his unyielding support at my back. Unfortunately for my dorky knight man, this year he’s been bumped down from the top spot on my crush list by a certain amazing asari…

Creative Christmas 5 2
Liara T’Soni!!! Ahem. I love her badass biotic powers, hilarious sarcasm, awesomely familiar voice, and unrelenting support no matter what horror is befalling the universe.

Intentional on BioWare’s part or not, by declining all the official “romance” options with Liara, her friendship arc turned into the definition of how I want my ideal life partnership with someone to go down. Liara is the super best friend of my dreams! No sex or kissing… Liara and my Shepard just always had each other’s back, they did lots of emotional bonding, and I almost cried during those beautiful bear hug moments. D’aww! I’ll likely never find that kind of bond in reality, so thank you so very much for giving me this relationship, Mass Effect!

Creative Christmas 5 3

TL;DR – I don’t want to kiss any video game character under the mistletoe, and I’m not ashamed to say it anymore. But I would totally love to give Liara T’Soni a huge crushing bear hug underneath dat mistletoe. Oh yeah! 💗

Creative Christmas 5 4
Date nights are so fun!

Thanks for reading!

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I'm a wannabe writer and an avid video gamer with a slight (okay, maybe extreme) Amiibo addiction. I'm from the coastal province of Nova Scotia in Canada, eh. When I'm not gaming, I have a steady job thing I have to go to. It pays for the gaming thing though. :)

9 thoughts on “Creative Christmas 5: Oh No the Mistletoe…”

  1. I’m still baffled at some of the comments I see when people talk about ace, demisexual, demiromantic, etc. It’s really not that difficult, but ace kids so get the short end of the stick in that people think they don’t belong under the umbrella. I want to hug them (if they’re okay with that). Granted, I watch and read a LOT of stuff about this whereas it doesn’t fall under others’ radar. One day I’ll have to tell you how Sephiroth made me realize my own wacky sexuality 😀 Also, yes, the Great General is getting dragged under the mistletoe…if he’ll let me ♥♥♥

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    1. Yeah. Thank you for the support! I’ve been trying to get help with my social isolation issues. The cool councilor at a health place I went to said she would reach out to a few LGTBQ+ programs in my area on my behalf to see if there are any ace supports near me. I’m… not holding my breath on that one 😦

      You’re definitely gonna have to tell me that story! I’m also not shocked by your answer 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s even rougher in Canada because there’s so much space between you and the NEXT person. It’s like what 3 square miles per person whereas in the states we’re like sardines :p I did read that our generation is the gayest in history and I couldn’t be more proud. We have ZERO issue making up terms, but in all seriousness, feeling isolated is terrible. It’s one thing to be alone when you WANT to be, but it’s another thing to FEEL alone. I think a lot more people are ace, but sex is such woven into our society I think a lot of aces just deal with it so they won’t be seen as weird 😦 Thing is EVERYONE is weird…or at least all the cool kids are in my experience.

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        1. That’s just it! For most of my life I’ve been alone and I liked it. Now it’s getting hard as I grow older and have some medical issues. It’s be SO nice to have a Liara T’Soni in my life, haha. That’s so true about the sex thing! It’s everywhere and I hate saying I’m not into it because I often get the “you’re a prude” look. Which isn’t the case at all! I have gutter humour just like everyone else, haha.

          It’s a good thing to be weird! Life would be boring if we were all the same.

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          1. It’s like not drinking alcohol, too. If you don’t drink alcohol and try to hump everything that moves, YOU’RE the weird one. It’s changing…slowly but only because there’s been push back on the idea. And now that there’s ace and aro presence online, more people are coming out. It’s like how no one wants to be the first to leave a party, but once someone is brave enough to go, more people bounce 😀

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