Creative Christmas 3: Santa’s Badass Helper

Ho, ho, ho, internet!

Last year, the amazing Kim of Later Levels created this awesome Christmas community collaboration event thingy. I was so totally in, then I deleted my old website earlier this year, erasing my old entries of the interwebz forever. Alas!

Basically, there were 12 holiday themed questions bloggers answered on set days, in a format of their own choosing. Yep. I’m still trying to get back in touch with my joyful side after 2018’s craziness… so I’m hyping myself up for that upcoming cheery Christmas event by re-posting my old answers and providing new answers for this year. I’ve changed a lot, man.

Question #3

You receive a call from Santa, as the elves desperately need a hand in the workshop getting all the toys ready. Which video game character would you recruit to help out?

2017 Answer

I’m going to suggest that Mr. Santa go recruit Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. Not only is she determined to help innocent people, no matter what, she also happens to be pretty good at crafting things from scratch! I lost count of how many inventory upgrades, potions, ammunition, etc., I made her create over the whole 70+ hours I spent with her this year. Limited inventory space also won’t be an issue in a big workshop, so she is free to go to town making stuff.

Creative Christmas 3 1
She clearly isn’t afraid of heights either. I bet she’d be helpful with the whole chimney delivery service aspect of Santa’s non-profit business venture too.

I really wish I had time to play the Frozen Wilds DLC this year. Alas, I’ll make it a 2018 goal.

2018 Answer

Can’t go wrong with Aloy! I fully support 2017 me’s answer but figured I would choose a new character from a game I played this year. Oh and I’m NOT ever buying the Frozen Wilds DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn. I should have waited for a damn Complete Edition instead of buying the game on Day 1, I guess… That’s a whole other rant for another time perhaps.

Anyway, this year I’d choose lovely and legendary Liara T’Soni from the Mass Effect trilogy (which I can’t believe took me this freaking long to play). Not only does her voice sound really badass, Liara turned into my Shepard’s super best friend and that was super amazing!! Ahem. The biotic goddess and Prothean expert would likely design a flawless system to get those toys together faster, and then even help Santa make all the deliveries using her powers. Heck, I’m sure the entire Normandy crew would help out too. They’re just that awesome!

Creative Christmas 3 2
Seriously… how have I made it this many years without playing Mass Effect??

Thanks for reading!

If for some odd reason you want to read more of my posts, you can find a somewhat organized (and usually up to date) archive of my ramblings… I mean, articles here!

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3 thoughts on “Creative Christmas 3: Santa’s Badass Helper”

  1. Omg Liara is amazing. I’m probably going to pair her with my Shepherd when I finally play, though honestly my favorite character is Wrex. I love that rough, direct, take-no-nonsense attitude. They wouldn’t let you pair him and Shepherd though because it had to be a romantic thingy, but personality wise, I think they’d make a great match.

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