Creative Christmas 2: Magical Gaming Memory

Ho, ho, ho, internet!

Last year, the amazing Kim of Later Levels created this awesome Christmas community collaboration event thingy. I was so totally in, then I deleted my old website earlier this year, erasing my old entries of the interwebz forever. Alas!

Basically, there were 12 holiday themed questions bloggers answered on set days, in a format of their own choosing. Yep. I’m still trying to get back in touch with my joyful side after 2018’s craziness… so I’m hyping myself up for that upcoming cheery Christmas event by re-posting my old answers and providing new answers for this year. I’ve changed a lot, man.

Question #2

You’re wrapping presents while listening to cheesy festive tunes, and start to reminisce about holidays past. What’s your favourite Christmas gaming memory?

2017 Answer

This is a tough one! Video games and Christmas have gone together like cookies, milk, and Santa for me since I was 5 years old. As a spoiled only child (one of the few perks of having no siblings), my parents always had the latest video game things under the tree for me (and so many cool Lego sets too… man, I loved those). Two Christmas gaming memories stand out in my mind – one is kinda sad, the other very happy. I’m going to go with the happy one! Tis the season of joy and whatnot, right?

I’m not sure how old I was, but I found an expected video game shaped present waiting for me under the ol’ cat-ravaged Christmas tree. When I opened it, it was a brand new copy of Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo 64. As cool as it was, I didn’t have a Nintendo 64 so I was instantly crushed… Why did Santa tease me with this game I couldn’t play?? How did he not know I had no console to play it on??

Creative Christmas 2 1
I really thought Santa was a jerk there for a minute…

My Mom and Dad smirked at me as I was stressing out. After letting me suffer for a few seconds, they told me to open the bigger box-shaped present under it. Guess what it was? A brand new Nintendo 64! It was a moment of pure surprise and joy that I’ll never forget. I spent that entire day playing my first 3D game ever. I’ll never forget the upbeat tunes, gorgeous tracks, and the ever-encouraging Taj the Genie. Diddy Kong Racing will always have a special place in my normally cold, cranky heart for this reason.

2018 Answer

Ditto with 2017 me’s response! Maybe I haven’t changed all that much after all. This will likely always be my favourite joyful Christmas gaming memory.

Creative Christmas 2 3
I really miss these guys! ๐Ÿ’— I might have to do another playthrough soon…

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