Lining Up Pictures of Strange Pokemon

Wannabe Writer’s Note: This first impressions article was originally posted on my old website on May 22, 2016. Enjoy my past self’s unedited ramblings! I also suspect the game has changed a bit since then…

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile First Impressions 1

I’m currently away from home for the long weekend (thank you Queen Victoria for the extra day off!), and far away from my gamer cave. I decided to download the Pokemon Shuffle Mobile game on my phone. It’s been a while since I’ve played a puzzle game, and my inner child couldn’t resist the familiar Pokemon faces. Adult me cringed at the freemium gameplay model however.

What I Did

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile First Impressions 3

After skimming through the dialog from some lady harassing me with tutorial information, I battled my way through two full areas. It’s just a simple puzzle game where you line up pictures of Pokemon to bring down the HP of the one you’re fighting. There are some other mechanics as well. For example, lining up pictures of the element type that your opponent is weak against does more damage. You also get to try and catch the wild Pokemon you beat. I stopped paying attention after the first 250-ish Pokemon were released, so most of them where completely ‘Unown’ to me. I was also pleasantly surprised that I didn’t run into any pay walls yet.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile First Impressions 2
Is that thing seriously a lock? Can any inanimate object be turned into a Pokemon nowadays?


Overall Goals

For the most part, I lined up whatever I felt like, and breezed my way through all the fights I encountered. I was satisfied watching my combos rack up with no real thought on my part. I’ll keep picking away at it when I’m on the go and bored.

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